Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brusha Brusha

Emma has to go to the dentist tomorrow. I've been putting it off for awhile, mostly because of my own aversion to dentistry. I have almost no enamel on my back teeth, and even with great hygiene I still get cavities. She's also got a big openbite that is going to require lengthy and painful orthodontic care. Adam and I both went through the ordeal of braces, and we gave in to the fact that she would need some sort of orthodontia when she was a little baby. Could the open bite be from her pacifier habit? Most likely it is a combination of genetics and the pacifier habit. She will give up the pacifier when she's ready to. (Honestly, I'm tired of hearing comments about it. She's THREE and uses it when she's tired. She's not in highschool sucking her thumb.)

We played 'dentist' a few times today. Adam and I sat with our knees together and layed Emma on top with her head in my lap, just like the dentist will do. I 'checked' each one of her teeth, brushed them, and 'buzzed' them to clean them. After her checkup, it was my turn. Emma brushed my teeth and gave me a prize for a good checkup. At bedtime we tried to practice again, but she was NOT having it. Emma screamed and yelled and spit toothpaste on the bed. So much for a peaceful bedtime routine.

Let's hope tomorrow goes well!

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