Sunday, February 28, 2010

IHF Week 8 - Hilarious Outtakes

This week's challenge over at I Heart Faces is 'Hilarious Outtakes'.  Here's what they had to say:

"Have you ever gone through your photos and found some that were just too funny for words? Either the person has a weird look on their face, the child was picking their nose, the body was in an awkward angle, or... the possibilities are endless! This is your week to feature not one...but FIVE of those photos in your i heart faces entry!"

 So, here are mine.

The first is two of my nieces, Maggie and Reagan.  I was at Reagan's soccer game to take pictures, and I managed to catch the 'love' on the sideline.  If I remember right, she was trying to lick her sisters ear to gross her out.  :oP

My mother-in-law, Joanne, playing in the snow below.

And my little monkey, determined to catch some snow on her tongue.

My husband right after he completely wiped out while wearing my purple hat. :)

My beautiful daughter, while we were supposed to be getting ready to do some modeling pictures for a boutique.  I ran upstairs to do laundry, and she proudly marched up the stairs to show me her 'pwetty makeup'.  Luckily it was just Crayola marker!

Head on over to iheartfaces to see the other entries!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Margaret!

We all got together yesterday to celebrate our grandma Margaret's 75th birthday. Here are some pictures...

You can see the rest of the pictures HERE. :)

Falling Hard

I did it.  I got through 14 or so injections into my scalp, neck, and shoulders.  It wasn't Dysport, though.  My doctor wanted to try a last effort of injected steroids.  I figured that I'd give it the ol' college try and just get the Dysport in a week or so if it didn't.  I don't regret trying, but I have a feeling that I won't get much if any relief from this round of injections.

On the way into the doctor's office, my bum leg failed me and I went down hard.  When I'm having spasms or my leg is worn out, my foot doesn't lift up completely.  My toes catch the ground, and down I go.  When I was going down my tendons popping.  No - it wasn't broken, but I had a feeling it was going to be sore.  

That was just the beginning.  In order to get to the muscle causing the headaches, I had to twist my neck and push against the doctor's hand.  I felt a pop, pop, pop as the needle slid into place.  Then a loud squish of fluid, and my stomach was leaping into my throat.  My mouth went dry as bone, and I choked out a request for water.  After a quick anti-faint lay on the table, we eventually got through all of the shots.  I counted six in the scalp area, four or so in my shoulders, and another four or so in my upper back.  The doctor had me lay down for a few minutes, and I was allowed to leave after they checked my blood pressure.  

For the rest of the day and most of the next, my scalp was numb.  It ached, and at the same time, it was still numb.  It's that strange numb but so achey feeling you might have felt after surgery or dental work.  Now it's just a little achy like you'd expect after 6 shots in the head.  I'll survive. :)

I'm going back this Thursday for a follow-up and hopefully we'll be able to get the Dysport injected.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long time- no type

I realized that I've been out of the swing of things on Blogger for a couple months now.  Where did those two months go?  I missed the weekly photo challenge again because my little monkey has been sick.  Last night she woke up past 2 am and just wanted to snuggle and watch cartoons.  I'd normally poo-poo that pretty quickly, but Mommy has sympathy for the stuffly, burning up, feeling crummy little girl.  If she can't sleep, she can't sleep, right?

Tomorrow I have an appointment for the first Dysport (Botox) injections.  Even though I kind of know what to expect, I also don't know what expect.  Is it going to help?  How bad is it going to hurt?  Will I be one of the oddballs that has side effects?  Someone asked me before my last surgery if I was nervous.  I figure that if you aren't a little bit nervous before a surgery or procedure, something is wrong.  There are always side effects, there are always risks.  Know them, appreciate them, be prepared for the chance that something may not go as planned.  I'd have to say on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most nervous, I'm at about a 2. 

Luckily my handsome, loving husband took the day off to drive me.  I figured that I wouldn't want to deal with preschool and shots on my own.  Now that's a sick toddler and Botox, so I'm glad for the help.  That also means he has to sit outside with her, so there goes the moral support.  The sick little monkey needs her Daddy more than I do, though. 

I'm crossing my fingers that Emma starts to feel better tomorrow.  She's scheduled to go to the dentist on Friday, and Daddy took off that day, too.  I was a little worried that I'd be sore, and being sore, cranky, and dealing with a wiggly toddler is not fun.  I'm also crossing my fingers that they won't have to use the gas again.  Last time she was so out of it that she gnawed her tongue into a bloody mess.  THAT was hell.

Here's a couple pictures of my little monkey last Summer, enjoying a trip to the playground.

And a few from this past Autumn...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In rolls the storm...

Back when I was 16, I was hit by a car while crossing the road.  I remember stepping into the street and before I knew what happened, I slumped onto the hood.  Don't worry - I was fine.  Bruised, sore, and scared, but I was fine.  Not too long after the accident, my upper back started to spasm.  It wasn't just a twitch.  The muscles between my shoulder blades would clench down and not let up.  This would go on for a couple weeks until I got in to see the chiropractor.  The combination of adjustments and massage seemed to help, and the spasms would let up for a few months.

Over the past couple of years, the spasms have gotten worse.  About a week after I had my daughter, I noticed my knees and ankles aching.  I didn't understand it at the time, but the pain was trying to tell me something.  Before too long, my right leg felt so tight that it would burn from walking.  If we went out to the zoo or shopping, my heel would be bright red and swollen within a couple hours.  After months of physical therapy and trying every conservative treatment available, I decided with my doctor to have surgery.  The surgery was successful, but I tripped a few weeks after the surgery and tore my gastronemius (calf) muscle.

Fast forward a year.  I'm under a lot of stress after failed carpal tunnel surgeries, getting laid off, and losing a friend.  My back started to spasm again, and would not let up.  I tried chiropractic adjustments, massage, accupuncture, muscle relaxers, magnesium shots, and muscle stimulation/tens.  Nothing seemed to help.  After an mri, my chiropractor wanted me to see a neurologist.

I spent much of the Christmas season being poked and prodded.  Nerve conduction studies and emg's were ran for my arms and legs.  My brain was scanned and studied by eeg.  I got a diagnoses - cervical and thoracic DystoniaDystonia is a neurological condition that causes muscle contractions.  The muscle spasms from Dystonia are sustained, twisting contractions that cause posturing or repetitive moments.  My neck pulls forward and to the side, and my shoulders hunch in.  My face will twitch, and the corners of my mouth and eye will pull down. 

My medicine was adjusted.  Baclofen helps a little, but the spasms are getting worse.  On the 18th, I am scheduled to get Dysport injections.  Our insurance covers the treatment, but I am not looking forward to finding out what our share is.  The doctor will have to move my neck around to locate the over-active muscles, and then carefully inject Dysport.  It's an art, really.  Use too little and the patient is going to continue to suffer.  Use too much, and it could cause weak muscles, paralyzed muscles, loss of the ability to swallow, and even death.  To help prevent side effects, the doctor starts with a low dose that is gradually increased.  These injections are repeated every three months, and not any sooner.

This past year has been difficult.  If I were to make a list of insanity of this past year, I'd have to wonder how I survived it.  But survive it I did.  Survive it I will.  Sometimes all that matters is to put one foot in front of the other, and to keep on moving.

Monday, February 1, 2010

IHF Week 5 - My Story in Photos: "Places I Love"

This week's challenge over at I Heart Faces is a little different.  Here's what they have to say:

"While we're together (not being romantic at all!)...we'd like to see the most romantic places you've been! Whether it was your honeymoon, a magical place you traveled to, or maybe just your front porch. What is your most romantic spot? Tell us your story!"

We were invited to write a blog post about the most magical place for us.  Instead of one picture, we were invited to post as many as we'd like.  

When I think back about my most magical, romantic place, it is more of an area.  It's also right in our backyard!  Okay, that's if an hour and a half drive, a couple toll booths, and some big bridges qualifies.  :)

I love to visit the California Bay Area when we have a weekend without other obligations.  When we can get away as a couple, or bring along our daughter for some family time.  I don't have one spot in particular.  I love the whole area.  I love the hustle and bustle of the big city, the cool breezes and fog rolling in, the soft and sandy beaches. 

I love the smell of delicious food and the views from Fisherman's Wharf.

The old ferry terminal and it's mingling tourists.

I love the wild flora and fauna, and the views available to 
anyone willing to take a little hike on Pt. Reyes.

These two beauties were captured on Drake's Beach, on the Pt. Reyes peninsula. 


I love the chance to dig in and relax after walking a little
farther down the beach and away from the crowds.

I love the misty walk down to the light house and ranger's station on Pt. Reyes. 

I love the incredible landscape in Golden Gate Park.

I love the escape and sense of entering a fantasy world of giants at Muir Woods. 

I love watching the joy of discovery every time my daughter experiences something new.

I love it just as much when I see that sense of
wonder and amazement on my husband's face.
(2nd from right)

Somehow, I've even come to expect and enjoy the seemingly constant traffic.
(Don't worry - the driver was okay.)

Even the penguins can't resist the area's charm.
Get a room! One without a window! ;)

The end.

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