Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long time- no type

I realized that I've been out of the swing of things on Blogger for a couple months now.  Where did those two months go?  I missed the weekly photo challenge again because my little monkey has been sick.  Last night she woke up past 2 am and just wanted to snuggle and watch cartoons.  I'd normally poo-poo that pretty quickly, but Mommy has sympathy for the stuffly, burning up, feeling crummy little girl.  If she can't sleep, she can't sleep, right?

Tomorrow I have an appointment for the first Dysport (Botox) injections.  Even though I kind of know what to expect, I also don't know what expect.  Is it going to help?  How bad is it going to hurt?  Will I be one of the oddballs that has side effects?  Someone asked me before my last surgery if I was nervous.  I figure that if you aren't a little bit nervous before a surgery or procedure, something is wrong.  There are always side effects, there are always risks.  Know them, appreciate them, be prepared for the chance that something may not go as planned.  I'd have to say on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most nervous, I'm at about a 2. 

Luckily my handsome, loving husband took the day off to drive me.  I figured that I wouldn't want to deal with preschool and shots on my own.  Now that's a sick toddler and Botox, so I'm glad for the help.  That also means he has to sit outside with her, so there goes the moral support.  The sick little monkey needs her Daddy more than I do, though. 

I'm crossing my fingers that Emma starts to feel better tomorrow.  She's scheduled to go to the dentist on Friday, and Daddy took off that day, too.  I was a little worried that I'd be sore, and being sore, cranky, and dealing with a wiggly toddler is not fun.  I'm also crossing my fingers that they won't have to use the gas again.  Last time she was so out of it that she gnawed her tongue into a bloody mess.  THAT was hell.

Here's a couple pictures of my little monkey last Summer, enjoying a trip to the playground.

And a few from this past Autumn...

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