Sunday, October 4, 2009

A piece of my heart...

Yesterday we celebrated Aviana's homecoming with her family and friends.  This past June, I was in Ikea with my mom and daughter enjoying lunch when Mom got a phone call.  One of my daughter's preschool buddies was seriously injured.  We didn't know what had happened, or how she was doing.  I was sick to my stomach and just wanted to get home.  When we got home I managed to find a blog written by Aviana's mom, Jen.  I read through each update with my mom, both of us choking back tears.  Aviana was crossing the road in her grandfather's arms, and her grandfather was struck by a passing car.  Her grandfather suffered several broken bones, and Aviana was thrown around 20-25 feet, landing on her head.  Her little heart stopped from the trauma.  By the grace of God, a good Samaritan in the form of soldier was nearby and he was able to resuscitate her while his friend worked on Avi's grandfather.

Back in February I had hand surgery, and then again in March.  I was off work and depressed about being stuck at home, so I'd often stay during Emma's preschool class to keep my mind off things.  As soon as class would settle in, little Aviana would make her way over to me with her puppy dog eyes.  She'd hold up her arms for me to pick her up, and wanted me to hold her while she did her crafts or listened to a story.  Avi and Emma were fast friends.  If they weren't in the play kitchen pretending to make coffee and tea, they were outside in the sand box.  I fell in love with that little girl.

Aviana has endured six major surgeries.  She has fought against very tall odds and survived when doctors did not think that she would.  Day by day, she continues to defy the odds.  Avi has to fight to wiggle her self on the carpet, to move her arms, to make a little noise.  She has a long road ahead of her, but I have faith that she will continue to be a miracle girl.  Soon Avi's parents will journey to Pennsylvania with her to start a special rehabilitation program with experts in brain injuries.  They will work with her at home, and make the trip back and forth every six weeks for follow-up appointments.

I daydream about the day that Emma and Avi will be able to play tea party again.  Every time Emma asks if Avi is ready to play tea party again, my heart aches.  Take some time to read Jen's blog.  It is inspirational, amazing, and heart-breaking all at once.  Please say a prayer or send out a positive thought for Aviana and her family. 

Praying for Aviana

Please consider making a donation to the Aviana Hodder Special Fund to help out with the costs of Aviana's rehabilitation and care.  Every little bit helps. To donate, visit your local Wells Fargo branch and ask to make a deposit to the Aviana Hodder Special fund, account number 7503830262.


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  1. Here is wishing Avi a beautiful tea party in the very near future! May that precious little girl continue to prove the doctor's wrong!

    What great friend's she has in you and your daughter!


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