Monday, October 26, 2009

Symptoms of Withdrawals

After several attempts by Dell to get my new laptop working correctly, they conceded and asked me to send my laptop back.  We packaged the computer up today, and it will be 5-10 days before I get my baby back.  No more helpful laptop sitting on the kitchen counter with a recipe on the screen while I cook. No more watching a show on Hulu while I take a bath.  No more snuggling in bed and playing WOW. 

For now I'm trying to set my things up on my husband's computer.  I might finally finish 'Interview with a Vampire'.  For some reason I keep passing out after I've read about ten pages.  My guess that it is a sign that I need more sleep rather than the book being that boring.  In fact, it is actually pretty interesting but because it is written as a vampire that is a few hundred years old would speak, it takes a little longer to process.  Maybe I'll actually catch up on that sleep.  We'll see. ;)

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