Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide - YasminSivan

Today's feature shop is YasminSivan.  The artist, Yasmin, is based in Givataym, Israel.  Her shop is filled with bright beads and buttons that get your creativity flowing.  I share her love for glass work and got hooked after taking a fusing class.  Trust me, it's not hard to fall in love with that molten glass.  Make sure to shop early to allow for shipping time.    Happy shopping!

 How did you get started crafting?
I always loved art, started drawing as a girl in junior high, than when I was older, in my 20's  I made paper puppets, and started making beaded jewelry for myself, and bought a lot of glass beads, (mass production made in Czechoslovakia) that where just wonderful to me.

Than the seller at the beads shop told me one day that they where all hand made…I just couldn't imagine how, and she showed me a book: "Making Glass Beads" by Cindy Jenkins, at that moment she lost a customer! I just knew that I had to make beads! 

Why did you decide on YasminSivan for your business name?
I don't know. It was always clear to me that I want to be known by my name:
Yasmin Sivan.  

Do you have a muse?
It seems most ideas pop into my mind when glass is running…glowing molten in my hands… it's as if it releases something in my mind and allows me a degree of spontaneity that would be hard to get other ways.

Whet I am in this state of mind, the ideas that flow with the molten glass are many times coming from nature, and it has a very strange tendency to divide in to two contrasting ideas, I'm fascinated by stones and flowers…those are two extremes I work with… very light, colorful ephemeral and happy flowers or very heavy hard and ancient stones. 

Do you take custom orders?
Some of the greatest Ideas come from custom orders; I love to hear what people have in mind and try to create it for them, although I do need to put my own artistic Ego aside which is not always easy.

Right now, I will take custom orders if it's within boundaries of my work, If somebody different colors or size, sometimes I will repeat my older style for an old customer who wants what I used to have in the past.

I will not imitate somebody else's work. 

What does a typical day look like for you?
I am a new mother to Ran who is almost eight month old J So I wake up when he wakes up at about 6 A.M.  (Thankful If I slept strait four hours.)

Twice a week I teach at my studio during the morning and once a week I sell at the Tel-Aviv art and craft fair, where I go with my baby!

The rest of the day I just spend with my baby, playing with him or taking walks outside, trying to cook and eat something with a baby in one arm… and do some laundry…If I'm lucky he sleeps a little at noon to I can get some rest with him. 

After he goes to sleep my second day starts…I have few precious hours to put some listings on Etsy read my convos and Emails and make some beads…and go to sleep at about midnight… 

Where would you like to go with your business?
I just love Etsy, and I would like to make it my main selling place, I would also like to teach more classes, but my dream is to study Glass Art on academic level and make huge glass sculptures and show them in art galleries around the world. 

What is one strange or funny thing you'd like to share with us?
My mental preparation for becoming a mother was by making pregnant figurines which I started about two years before I decided to really try it with my own body (which is the most wonderful experience ever).


  1. Thank you so much, Jillian!
    your blog is amazing!

  2. Yasmuin Sivan.. She's an amazing artist!!
    I love her art:)

  3. Very nice post!
    and beautiful work, so delicate!


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