Tuesday, March 2, 2010


What a DAY!  Somehow we managed to schedule two doctors appointments, a birthday party, along with Emma's regular preschool class.  All in all, it went pretty smoothly considering it was pouring rain, and we thought the party was this weekend.  You know the only bad part?  I thought the party was Saturday, so I didn't have a camera on me.  Gasp! The horror!  That DSLR and I are joined at the hip.  I'll have to explain this insanity, because it's a doozy.

-Wake up. Curse the migraine I had last night that kept me up until 2.  Curse the shower for taking so long to warm up.  Thank the Lord for the cloud cover last night, because I fell asleep with the bedroom window open.  Curse the fact that my pants aren't washed, and then backtrack and thank my handsome husband for washing them. 

-Take Roo to preschool.  Procure coffee and a breakfast roll.  Hobble through into the farmer's market to get two loaves of fresh sourdough for my bread fiend of a husband. 

-Hobble back to the car, zip across the street, and hobble into the neurologist's office.  Wait. Wait. Wait.  Another patient's baby decides to sit on my feet, and the parents thought it was hilarious.  Laugh.  Think they should move their kid not knowing who the heck I am, but laugh.  Finally!  Three syringes of Dysport (yep - botulinum like Botox).  Praise the Lord that I got through it with hardly any pain and no passing out!  Praise the Lord some more that the insurance company is paying for most of it. 

-Hobble back to the car. Pick up Roo at school.  Got her registered for some toddler sports classes this Summer with Miss Vanessa.  (Don't worry - they are really are more fun than sports lessons.)

-Realize that birthday party is today, not Saturday.  Cry a little inside at the thought of having to go from Sacramento to Roseville, back to Sacramento, then to Roseville again, and finally back home.  Realize that it won't be so bad.  Decide to go birthday shopping.  Try to make quick trip to toy store with my Roo and husband.  Realize that trips to the toy store are NEVER quick with a toddler. 

-Forget to get gift bag or card.  Head back to buy them.  Pretend to race around on scooter with my Roo on my lap. Manage to get some lunch.  It's drive-through, but it's still food.  Spilled mustard on my shirt.  Good thing I ran in to Old Navy on the way to the toy store!

-Trek to back to Sacramento to get my ankle checked out.  Yay! No breaks, just a bad sprain in my ankle and pulled muscle in my leg.  Left with a funky brace and orders to come back in a week and a half.

-Brave the storm to get back in the car and head out to the party.  Silent golf clap when I realize Roo is asleep in her car seat. 

-Realize we have an hour to blow before the party, and decide to go to the drugstore for some bottled coffee.  Change my clothes, and Roo's. 


The End. :)

Since I have no pictures, here's some from last weekend at the inlaw's house boat. 

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