Sunday, March 7, 2010

IHF Week 10 - “Jump For Joy!” Photo Challenge

This week's IHF challenge is titled "Jump For Joy!" What a fun subject!  Here's what they have to say over at IHF:  

"We want to see some air this week. Have your kids, husband, wife, sister, brother, co-workers or friends jump around like crazy for you and snap some fun shots while they do!

Your photo entry must have at least one face clearly showing in it."
Here's my little Roo jumping for joy!
 Make sure to head on over to I Heart Faces to see the rest of the entries!


  1. What a sweet little face she has!

  2. What a beautiful child! Your photography is gorgeous. Thanks for advertising on my blog. (PW ad).

    ~ Sandie

  3. she's so cute! i love it!!

  4. nice shot jillian! photography is not my expertise so i don't know how you did the lights but it really emphasize your sweet little girl's beautiful face.


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