Thursday, December 23, 2010

The possibilities...

With the new year coming at me like a freight train on a midnight run, the possibilities of the next year look enticing. I am not big on resolutions - they don't last too long.  Here is what we'd like for this next year.

-I am working on my AA, and Adam is planning on adding to his AS with a BS degree.

-At the end of the next year, I hope that I'll be healthy enough to work some, or at least have a solid diagnosis to apply for SSI.

-I'd love to be able to get my mobility back, to turn my atrophied leg into one that will support me on quick jog.

-We plan to transition from working on learning when Emma wants to home school kindergarten next fall.

-We hope for another addition to the family.  Emma prays to God, and told me she'll have a sister named Elizabeth. (Make that Elizabeth Rainbow Flower)

- We'd like for Emma to start soccer and 4-H this next year.  She loves soccer and animals, and both teach valuable skills.

But mostly, we are just hoping for a normal year with normal challenges. 

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