Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I woke up this morning to a sore, swollen hand.  After getting poked three times in the hand and once in the elbow, I expected to be a little sore.  As the day went on, my hand got more swollen.  Then I noticed my arm swelling.  After awhile, my hand started to get red.  Then the read started to streak down towards my elbow.  Uh-oh. 

So, as soon as Adam got home, I showered and we headed to urgent care.  (Did I mention how much I love that our insurance charges a normal copay for urgent care?  Love it.)  The doctor took a look at it, and said that it looked like either a chemical reaction from a little bit of infiltration, or the beginnings of an infection.  He gave me a brace and a prescription for strong antibiotics.

When we got home, I noticed that the redness had gotten worse.  Adam called urgent care back to check on it.  The nurse heard the chicks in the background, and asked if I had handled any of the chicks since the IV.  I had, and apparently that upped my risk of infection.  Since then, the redness has gone down though.  I have switched the brace for more comfortable coban, and hopefully the swelling will be down in the morning.  I think we dodged a serious bullet on this one. 

By the way, our chickadees have names now.  They are in no particular order: Bennie (Short for Eggs Benedict), Minnie, Jelly Roll, Millie, Nugget, Light Bulb, Snowflake, and Sprinkles.  They are getting HUGE!  In a couple weeks, they'll be outside enjoying the grass and spring weather. 

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