Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day One - Done!

Day one of three is done with.  Finis.  Out of the ballpark.  I showed up early this morning to the infusion center.  Really, the infusion center is a small unit tucked in the back of the oncology department.  They told me to choose where I wanted to sit, so I chose the only recliner with its own little divider.  There was more room for us to spread out and relax.  Before the infusion started, my pulse and blood pressure were ridiculous.  It was 100% nerves.  I started to feel nauseated before the infusion even started.  The nurse gave me a hefty dose of Zofran, and we were off running.   (At a snail's pace.)

I am receiving 45 grams of Gammaguard each day for three days.  To reduce any side effects, the dose is slowly titrated up every half hour, and then every fifteen minutes.  The infusion took about 3 hours and twenty minutes.  Because my veins are so crummy and I don't have a port yet, my iv was flushed and locked with saline.  I avoid more sticks tomorrow, but I can't get my hand wet.  I think I'm going to take a bath with help tonight, and then go to a salon in the morning to get my hair washed.  After the raging headache I got through today, I deserve a little pampering, if only for a few minutes.  Speaking of the headache...imagine have the flu AND a horrible hang over.  It was on par with headaches that have sent me to the ER before.  It took time, excedrin, ice packs, and lots of fluids... but I'm not feeling it as much anymore.

Luckily I wasn't capable of vomitting after that huge dose of Zofran, because traversing downtown in a Dodge Ram duelie is precarious enough without any help.  We called and asked for something to help prevent the headache tomorrow. Adam did manage to snap a picture of me while I was about to fall asleep...enjoy. :)

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