Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer in 0-60 Seconds

It seems that California really only provides us with two "real" seasons - summer and winter.  Spring and autumn are nothing but a passing glimpse of comfortable temperatures.  We had an unusual winter season this year that lasted up until this past week.  Before going to the infusion center, I had to bundle myself up so that my veins would not play peekaboo at the worst possible time.  Now?  My plants are wilting and I am hiding inside with the air conditioning running.  

Don't get me wrong - I appreciate summer for the bountiful harvest and beautiful flowers from my garden.  I just do not like the heat.  If I had my choice, I would live somewhere a little bit cooler.  My favorite spot is off the Coast, across the Bay and south of San Francisco.  I doubt my roses and tomatoes would enjoy the move, though.  My budget most definitely would not survive the move. 

This year's garden includes several different varieties of tomatoes, lemon and canning cucumbers, a few types of summer squash, corn, beans, sugar pie pumpkins, potatoes, herbs, walking onions, and a mystery cucurbit that popped up under a couple of rose bushes.  If I can find the space, I'll plant some spoon gourd seeds that my mother in law brought back from Arizona.  At least I think it was Arizona...she travels a lot as a very special agent for the Feds.  :)

With so many roses, I suddenly have a HUGE aphid situation.  Normally I use companion plants and organic immune boosters like kelp to help the problem.  This...this is a full-blown situation, though.  I found aphids on my squash plants, and I am pretty sure that is a first.  The freakish weather also brought powdery mildew to the more susceptible plants.  I had to create a spraying schedule, and hopefully the foliar feeding and Organicide treatment will work.  

If you happen to find a bag of squash and tomatoes on your doorstep in a few weeks, it wasn't me. ;)

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