Monday, June 20, 2011

Killer Squash

Sigh.  I am back to Frustration City today.  The weekend went pretty well, and I got a tan to boot.  Saturday we went up to Auburn to a livestock sale to sell Light Bulb. She is was one of the remaining three Hamburg pullets that we had.  We're down to seven chickens for least until we can find a silkie or showgirl for Emma.  She really has her heart set on a white silkie or showgirl.  If not, she wants red.  I keep trying to explain that 'red' is really more of a rust color, but I'm pretty sure she thinks the bird will be Kool-Aid colored.  

 Yesterday we went out to Camp Far West for Father's Day.  All three of us girls and our husbands/kids came, our dad was there, and the in laws. (All three sets of father-in-laws!)  It was so windy out there that we really didn't get a chance to go out on the boats.  The waves were strong enough that Emma, Maggie, and Ryann were swimming in place.  Reagan is big enough that she could actually swim against the current.  I was happy to kick back in my reclining lawn chair in the shade, though.  The one time I did go in the water, I managed to trip and fall on a rock.  My feet are bruised and cut, and so are my shins.  I'm fine, though.  Poor Emma is pretty banged up.  Coincidentally, I found out that the medical assistant at the neurologist office was there, in the same area, at the same time.  Small world.

My appointment with the neurologist did not go the way I had hoped.  He was very sensitive and supportive about the the look on his face, I think that he has been there before in his own life.  Because my liver enzymes spiked last time with the IVIG, he wants to hold off and try Neurontin instead.  I was all set to get the treatment tomorrow.  The infusion center had ordered the medicine and everything. 

I've been on Neurontin before, back when it was first approved for treating fibromyalgia.  I didn't get any relief then.  Things have changed medically, so who knows if it will work now. I just...I just feel so deflated.  This past month has been such a roller-coaster ride.  The combination of everything that has happened is enough, but then I have hormones that are all out of whack on top of it.  All things considered, I'm hanging in there.  I'm not stuck in bed, or stuck in is something that hits me for a few minutes a day and I'm able to move on past it.  

I realized that since we had been gone all weekend, I never picked the summer squash.  I've realized over the years that it is better to keep on top of those things.  Forget squash for a couple days, and you have an inedible baseball bat of a squash to deal with.  We had two soft-ball sized eight ball squash from one bush, one normal-sized eight ball, a couple zucchini, a nice crookneck, and one freaky crookneck with an under-developed conjoined twin attached to the side.
Which reminds me...I bought a scalloped squash at the livestock sale for Adam.  The little baby squash are his favorite.  ✿✿✿

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