Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mommy Time

This morning I woke up to what felt like two hot rocks pushing on me.  When Adam came in the room, I realized those hot rocks were two not-so-little-anymore feet.  Emma woke up during the storm last night, came in the room, and said "I need mommy time."  She curled up next to me, and was out.  Adam moved her out of the room at some point, and she came back in about a half hour later for more "mommy time."  It was all fine until she tried to push me out of the bed during her sleep. 

The night before, she woke up hungry.  Then she thought her pillow was a skeleton, and came out of her room scared as can be.  It took awhile to for her to understand that the reason her tummy hurt was that she was hungry.  Then it took forever to figure out what she wanted to eat.  After that, she still had to calm down from the fear of her pillow shape-shifting and coming to get her.  She keeps asking to go back to the Halloween store, but I think we might just have to hold off on that for awhile. 

The little one is proving to be just as active as his big sister was while she was baking.  Emma thinks it is awesome to talk to my belly.  It is cute as heck, but it wakes up the baby at the precise time that I'd like to be getting to bed.  He moves, and dances, and wiggles around for what seems like forever.  It is cute and reassuring, but I definitely can't sleep through it.  I can't wait until she can feel him kick.  She'll enjoy that. :)

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