Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The elusive Leah Bun Bun

We've had Leah Bun Bun since this past July. I had been wanting to get a rabbit and missed my old 4H days. In the end, we decided to get a Mini Rex from a 4H breeder that was switching to Flemish Giants. Emma decided the bunny needed to be named Bun Bun, and I liked the original name, Leah. So, Leah Bun Bun it is.

Leah is a ball of spunk. She loves when we let her out at night for some exercise. She spends most of her time sniffing and hopping up on the furniture only to hop back off and move onto something else. Sometimes she likes to take a nibble off a toy, a shoe, etc. Today I found her sopping wet in the backyard checking out the changes in the garden. This weekend was the first time I got her to sit still for a millisecond to get a couple pictures. So, enjoy the first pictures of the elusive Leah Bun Bun, and excuse the pile of toys.  Leah was running around while we were also running around and cleaning.


  1. what a pretty rabbit. I never had a rabbit - can they be trained to go in a box, or do you find little surprises underfoot?

  2. She's completely box trained. It's actually easier to train rabbits to use a box than cats or dogs are to potty train.

  3. :D she looks exactly like one of my rabbits, I have 3, 2 lionheads and i'm not sure what the other one is :p they also do the furniture hopping, but they hate the wood floors in this apartment.



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