Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The thunder rolls...

What a day.  I had to venture out to take my little one to preschool, and was not looking forward to the treacherous drive.  It felt like a gang of kids was jumping on my car when I would stop for a light.  I almost got swept off the road every time a big truck would pass us.  I was so glad to get home and get my jammies on a little later in the day. 

The boat section of I-5 was bogged down with a foot of water most of the day.  I saw on the news that the carports at our old apartments were smashed by trees, and several other trees fell on the property.  To be honest, I'm glad we moved when we did.  I noticed that the trees were diseased, and I am not surprised to hear of the damage.  I feel bad for those that lost trees, cars, and had their homes damaged today.  I pray for those that were seriously injured in the many car accidents today.  I hope that we don't see a lot of mudslides in the areas devastated by fire this summer. 

We had over 3" in the Arden/Arcade area, over 4" in Vacaville, and over 11 inches in the Santa Cruz mountains.  Holy cow!  I don't think we've seen so much rain since 1996 and 1997, when El Nino hit.  Hopefully things will lighten up overnight and the rain will slow to a drizzle.  Can I put in an order to Mother Nature for enough rain to fill the reservoirs but not enough to flood us?  No?  Darn.

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