Monday, October 12, 2009

Something new for Autumn

For those of us on the West coast, we're getting ready to experience our first storm of the season.  The NWS is estimating two inches of rain in our area, with up to seven inches in the Sierras!  Driving my daughter to preschool tomorrow on highway 99 and levy roads is going to be interesting.  I actually love this gloomy weather.  I'd move up to Oregon or Washington and soak in the rain if it weren't for my close family keeping me happily rooted here. 

So to celebrate all that is wonderful during the Autumn and Winter months, I have a new design in my store.  I sell my items in a children's boutique out in St. Louis, and they got a bit of a sneak preview.  These adorable crochet hats have ribbon woven through the bottom section of the hat.  I've added a clear toggle hidden inside the hat that allows you to adjust the hat for a secure fit, even in windy weather.  The tails of the ribbon are kept long to drape down in the back for a twist on the traditional look.  Each beanie has a gorgeous sequin flower sewn on for a touch of glitz and glamor.  The best part about these hats?  They fit toddlers through adults!  I'll be adding more colors this week, so make sure to check back

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