Monday, October 19, 2009

Gorgeous Flowers, Gorgeous Model

After selling out of my first back of sequin flowers, I finally got restocked and was able to get some pictures on a model.  This gorgeous model happens to be my cousin Jacqui.  She's about six weeks younger than me, and we were like peas in a pod growing up.  Imagine my excitement when our grade school teacher sat us together.  Luckily the Jack and Jill nicknames faded as we got taller.  Jacqui is a massage therapist by trade, and a good massage therapist is a girl's best friend.  Forget the diamonds honey, give me a massage! 

Doesn't she look great with the sequin flowers in her hair?  I have white, lilac, lime, red, light yellow, and shocking pink in stock just in time for holiday shopping.  These stunning flowers are perfect for adding a little glamor to any outfit.  Have on jeans and a tank top? Add a flower clip and you've got a fun, bohemian look.  Dressing up for a night on the town?  Adding a flower clip adds romance and moxy.


  1. Jacqui looks a lot like her momma in this picture. I miss you girls! It has been forever.

    Jill Steinberg :)

  2. You are so sweet, Jill!! I LOVE my flower clips! :)

    Love you too!

  3. She does look a lot like her momma. We just need to replicate those braided hair necklaces that our moms sported for a wedding. That would be awesome. :)


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