Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dirty Girl's Dirty Party

This isn't what it looks like.  I swear. No, seriously.  Mom brought home a few Barbies from Goodwill for the preschool class that she teaches, and they had some seriously frizzy hair.  My daughter talked Grandma into letting her take the dolls home, so the dolls got the spa treatment this afternoon.  That's Muscle Man and (there's something about) Mary above. 

Cindy couldn't take a bath with the rest of them because she plays music and for some reason, her feet light up.  She just got the shampoo and hot oil treatment.

Dirty Girl was so upset over her mass of knotted hair that she almost lost her head.  Well...actually her head is broken, so she's going to get the E-6000 glue treatment once that hair is all dry.  It is a little easier to get the knots out when the doll's head is connected, but she did okay.  No more straw hair for Dirty Girl.  Dirty Girl was also, well, dirty.  Even after a couple baths in soapy water, she was still pretty grimy.  I took a toothbrush and some rubbing alcohol to her face and was able to get almost all of the dirt off.  In the picture below, the right side of her face had been cleaned, and the left side was waiting to be cleaned.  What a difference!

After the rest of the bunch got a little taste of alcohol and a good scrubbing, the girls got a conditioning treatment and brush out.  Once I was satisfied with the brushing, I shampooed their hair and reapplied the conditioner.  They sat for a few minutes while my daughter pretended to scrub the guy doll.  I'm not really sure what he is, but he's got some sort of silver tattoo and a bracelet that reminds me of Buzz Light Year.  As you can see, Dirty Girl cleans up pretty well.  Cindy is well, as perfect as any Princess can be.  Mary still has suspiciously gravity-defying bangs, though. 


Yeah.  We'll have to work on those bangs later.  Dirty Girl and (there's something about) Mary got a little trim since their hair was still fried on the ends.  There's only so much a good conditioner can do, girls.  Their hair is still wet, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to style it.  Before I could get the girls looking pretty again, my little monkey took off with them.  Speaking of dirty girls, this one has ketchup on her face.  Oh yeah, and a rubber band on her head.  I don't get the rubber band, but she insists it is pretty. 


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