Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide - Mixed Species

Today's featured shop is one of my absolute favorite Etsy shops.  What is Mixed Species?  I don't think anyone is really sure.  The guys of Mixed Species hail from Corvallis, Oregon.  Face McSpecies, Poppa McSpecies, Hairy McSpecies, and Corporate McSpecies make up the enigma that is Mixed Species.  I honestly have no clue what their real names are, and I kind of like it that way.  (McSpecies - get it?)  Get your fill of delicious man meat at their Etsy shop or at  You can visit their blog here, follow them on Twitter, and make sure to visit their Flikr page while the kiddies are sleeping away. (Trust me, it's easier than explaining.)  So turn on some of your favorite 80's rock, pop open a cold one, and get shopping!


How did you get started crafting?
After realizing that most of the bands we were in scared more women than they attracted we decided to soften our approach and start the first male craft super group! The female to male ratio of the craft world further helped cement this idea as the best EVER!

Why did you decide on Mixed Species for your business name?
Our MixedSpecies name and logo embodies what we are and hope to be! Ok, actually to be honest BigDaddyMeatStraw and TwoTonLoveWhores were both taken, so we went with our third favorite, Mixed Species. We wanted an icon we could use as a brand but also represented who we are and where we are from. At one time or another in our lives we had all seen the post card at the roadside gas station with a picture of a jackalope or the bait and tackle shop with an actual stuffed jackalope. The image and name Mixed Species seemed to fit our background, fashion sense and the duality of some of our re-purposed products.

Do you have a muse?
Actually we have four muses:
Attention, Booze, Laughter and Attention

Do you take custom orders?
Every once in a while we take a custom order but typically we do not. You see custom orders sometime remind us that we all still work for “the man”. This results in a fetal ball of thumb sucking, cold sweats and sobbing. The only known cure is a little recipe we invented called the Alcoholic Gravy Shot!

What does a typical day look like for you?
Our typical day is just like everyone else’s. The only difference is as most people put their pants on one leg at a time, we make so much money we pay someone to put our pants on for us!

Where would you like to go for your business?
1.) Quit our real jobs.
2.) Get our own TV Series. (the working title is “Big, Hairy and Crafty”)
3.) Hairy McSpecies and Face McSpecies have side project that will have them marrying you AND dowsing for a well on your property.

What is one strange or funny thing you’d like to share with us?

It hasn’t hit the press yet but Poppa McSpecies has been rumored to be dating White House Crasher Michaele Salahi while simultaneously “counseling” Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren.

Most of all we want to thank our customers and tell everyone out there HAVE FUN!!

-the Mixed Species guys


  1. the rainbow out your ____ is funny!
    just saw your blog listed in the esty forums about blogs!

  2. OMG! I love MixedSpecies. I learned the other night that they were a featured seller on Etsy. I think that is awesome!

  3. oh my!!! They are very comical!!! Nice interview!

  4. Cool guys!!! Do love that rainbow coming out of his a** :0)


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