Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Trip!

So while I've been off trying to rest by wrist up, we decided to take a day off and go to the snow.  We live about an hour to an hour and a half away from most of the ski resorts.  We decided on SnoPark, which is just below Boreal off of I-80 East.  It was a great call!  They have a nice little store there, and a lodge for when it is busy.  During the summer they have yurts, room for rv parking, and even a laundry facility. 

When we got up there we found only a handful of other families, and all with little kids. Emma made fast friends with another little girl her age, and jumped right in to help with making a snowman.  We spent a couple hours building away.  Well, mostly I watched and handed them snow while sitting on the sled.  Then we had a little lunch and walked over to the sled runs.  There were a few families over there, too.  Oddly enough, all their kids were 3 years old, too.  We took a few runs down the hill before I got trapped hip deep loose powder.  Whoops!  After a few snow angels, we were all ready for some dry clothes.  

The best (or worse - depending on perspective) was Adam's leap of faith.  He decided to jump off a four foot snowbank and onto pavement.  Well, what he though was fresh powder on the pavement was actually ice.  He's a tall guy, and I knew as soon as he jumped that he'd eat it. Big time.  There was a huge thud when he fell.  I ran over to make sure he was okay. Thank God he was!  He was feeling it for a few days, though.

We need to hit up Goodwill for some snowsuits without plunking down a ton of change.  Hopefully we can go again the weekend after Christmas!  New Years day might actually be nice since everyone else will be hung-over and sleepy. 





  1. I LOVE these pictures. My favorite is the last one :o)

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    Found you on Etsy forums. Now following your blog. If you'd like to follow me back...

  3. New to your blog- just wanted to say hi! Such gorgeous photos- I wish it would snow here in Los Angeles like that! Have a great weekend XOXO


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