Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide - My Heart's Desire

Today's feature is My Heart's Desire by Mary Hank.  Mary specializes in hand-sewn clothing and accessories that give you that boutique look at affordable prices.  You will find something for everyone in her shop.  Some of her items include paintings on canvas, a wire sculpture bodice, gorgeous quilts, market totes, diaper bags, darling children's clothing, and more.  She has plenty of goodies for the little guys in your life, too. Happy shopping!

How did you get started crafting?
I think I've done some sort of crafting as far back as I can remember...making a chest of drawers for my Barbie by gluing empty matchboxes together then painting it. In fact, all of my Barbie's furniture I made myself! If a school project could be an art project of sorts then I was more than happy to work on that. A map of the USA that filled our dining room table with decoupaged pictures was a lot more fun than writing a book report! I took sewing as well as piano lessons, both of which has provided me with not only a creative outlet but a source of income.

Why did you decide on MaryHanks for your business name?
 "My Heart's Desire" was really my first choice but there were other shops with names too similar. So, my name became my backup name. Hey, it's worked pretty well for Martha Stewart!

Do you have a muse?
Two of my children are awesome designers and are an inspiration and help with creative ideas. I am an avid gardener so the colors and textures of plants, flower, sky, birds...

Do you take custom orders? 
Absolutely! I welcome putting together something for clients and am always ready to take on custom work. Bring it on!!!

What does a typical day look like for you?
I'm up at 6am to help get my husband out the door, getting his breakfast and lunch together. Daily chores that aren't very exciting; stuff like unloading the dishwasher, starting a load of laundry, feeding & walking the dogs, feeding my chickens! The youngest of my 4 kiddos is up at 7:30. Jonathan is out the door headed to school at 8 then the crafting begins! I "leave" work 5-ish to get dinner on the table but am often back at the sewing machine, the computer or just straightening the studio late in the evening to get ready for the next day.

         I Am Not So Crazy Quilt

Where would you like to go with your business?
I'd like to go back to more painting and sculpture work. I do enjoy the sewing but would like more variety in my shop. I'd also like to open a second shop with baked goods from my kitchen!

What is one strange or funny thing you'd like to share with us?
I have three hens but I don't live out in the country but in a typical suburban neighborhood. "Chicks in the City" they call it! They are tucked into a corner of our yard with a coop, a run, a larger area where they spend most of the day. If I'm out with them then I love to let them roam about the garden, scratching about, eating bugs. They are spoiled but have been a wonderful addition to my life! Not sure if this is strange or funny but I have 4 kids ranging from 10-28yrs old. Guess it's both strange AND funny!

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  1. I haven't been to your blog lately. Great job!


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