Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide - VeganCraftastic

Today's feature is VeganCraftastic.  Kala from VeganCraftastic specializes in vegan-friendly crafts for everyone.  Her store includes jewelry to Christmas stockings, and even bags for all of your craft supplies.  Her gorgeous fabrics and colors really caught my eye.  Happy shopping!

How did you get started crafting?
I've always been a creative person, I think I get that from my parents, my mom especially, she's a jeweler and silversmith. My crafting interest has really exploded over the past few years though!

Why did you decide on Vegancraftastic for your business name?
I wanted a cute and quirky name that described everything I do and Vegancraftastic is perfect. Being vegan is a huge part of who I am and I wanted that to be very clear to anyone visiting my shop.

Do you have a muse?
Not really, I can be inspired by pretty much anything from a fun fabric print to something I see while on a run.

Where would you like to go with your business?
I'd love to do craft fairs and really turn Vegancraftastic into a full time gig.


What is one strange or funny thing you'd like to share with us?
I love eating raw, uncooked tofu :)


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