Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revenge of the blood suckers...and more.

We haven't talked about it much, but we've been trying for awhile to give our little girl a brother or sister.  It just hasn't been happening for some reason.  Back in December, I went to my doctor for some lab work.  I had a feeling that something was "off".  There was a mix-up when they updated my address, and I am horrible at remembering to call, so I finally got the results.  Something was off.  This Saturday I get the pleasure of fasting again for further testing.

What is off? thyroid results were way off.  My TSH levels were off the charts low, as was the T3 level.  T4 came in just below the reference range. (The "normal" range.)  Normally, if T3 and T4 are low, TSH should be high.  It sounds like my pituitary gland has gone a little wonky, but I'll find out more after they retest to double check the results.  I'm actually a little relieved to have it be the thyroid, because it is less difficult to treat than other hormonal issues.  Hopefully we can get my levels back into the normal range, and it will happen.  I'm crossing my fingers.  I've talked to a number of doctors, and none see much of an issue with the muscle spasms.  I may have to switch medications, but I can manage that.

In other news, my EMG results were completely normal.  I figured that they would be, but my new doctor wanted to retest to be absolutely sure.  So far, they have ruled out any autoimmune issues as well as the nasty things like MS, ALS, etc.  There could still be some crazy condition out there, but for now we are focusing on treating the symptoms.  I asked the doctor's assistant to see if a muscle biopsy might be helpful, and I have an appointment next week to talk about it with the doctor. 

Our chickies are doing well, too.  We have the four original Silver Spangled Hamburgs, and six Barred Rocks that are a few days younger.  They are getting so big!  The girls have wing feathers, tail feathers, and they're getting feathering on their backs now.  It is absolutely hilarious to watch them play keep away - especially with worms.  Worms are like chicken candy!  This weekend we need to work on getting the coop together.  Hopefully the weather will break long enough to get most of it done.  These girls sure are cute, but I'm a little tired of vacuuming the garage every couple days. :)

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