Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is here!

Spring is officially here!  We haven't had rain in days.  (I'm knocking on wood right now!)  The backyard FINALLY has a chance to dry up, and hopefully we'll get our fence fixed soon.  Last week it came crashing down during a particularly violent storm.  Said storm had me in my neon-pink Crocs rain boots, holding a flashlight and trying to stay dry while I figured out what went crash in the night. 

The next day, Adam and I pulled down what we could and threw the pickets into piles by the shed.  Last night the neighbor behind came over to let us know that he got our letter about why the fence was missing. :)  He is more than willing to pay his half, so that is a huge weight off our shoulders.  Money only goes so far when you are living off one income.  I was also so pleased to know that they are nice.  We hadn't talked to them yet, and the people living in the house before were...weird. 

We also got a ditch started for drainage in the backyard.  For some reason the back third of the house drains on the side, and that leaves the back a veritable swamp.  If we got summer rain, I'd get rain barrels rather than drain it away.  Too bad we get most of our rain from December - mid February.  That is, except this year.  Hopefully after the fence is built, we can finish the drain project and have the side of the house drain to the front lawn. I'd also like to add the downspout that drains into the rose bed to the drainage line.  That would be one-less gardening worry in the early winter months, when mildew can be an issue.  

Our potatoes, peas, and lettuce are doing wonderfully, and in the next couple weeks, we'll have roses blooming again.  I started a compost pile with the few weeds I've been able to pull as well as the chicken bedding.  They'll be going outside soon, so hopefully we won't have nearly as much bedding to worry about soon.  For some reason it creeps mom out to put the bedding straight into the flower beds, so composting it is a must.  My husband is planning on building a nice compost bin out of left over pickets once the other projects are complete.  

I need to make a trip to the nursery now that the rain has let up.  By now I would normally have a full garden started, but Mother Nature had her way.  We love the selection and staff that knows their stuff over at Capital Nursery.  I'll be replanting the bean tee-pee, adding tomatoes and sweet peppers, corn, summer squash, and pumpkins.  I might add some melons if we have the room, but we'll see.  Winter ruined my basil plant, and that will need to be replaced, as well.  In the front rose beds where diseased plants were torn out, I'll plant sunflowers behind the remaining rose bushes.  The bed to the side of that already has blooming iris and poppy plants. 

I do not like the heat during the summer here, but I love the color and fresh vegetables.  Here comes the sun!

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