Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a funny thing about life...

They say that God works in mysterious ways.  Sometimes we wonder if He hears us, if our prayers might be answered.  They also say that when you dealing with the biggest challenge you will face in your life, you will either turn towards God or turn from him.  I didn't have to turn...I never left.  It is funny, though, how in retrospect His plan seems so perfect.  When you feel so alone during that trial, the people that stand up and show their love mean so much.  Call it fate, call it God's it what you will.  Those people are angels here on earth.  I read a story on another site about a whaling captain that I would like to share.

"A good many years ago, I was sailing in the desolate seas off Cape Horn, hunting whales. One day we were beating directly south in the face of a hard wind. We had been tacking this way and that all the morning, and were making very little headway. About 11 o'clock, as I stood at the wheel, the idea suddenly came into my mind, 'Why batter the ship against these waves? There are probably as many whales to the north as to the south. Suppose we run with the wind instead of against it? In response to that sudden idea I changed the course of the ship, and began to sail north instead of south."

"One hour later, at noon, the look-out at the masthead shouted 'Boats ahead!' Presently we overtook four lifeboats, in which were fourteen sailors, the only survivors of the crew of a ship which had burned to the water's edge ten days before. Those men had been adrift in their boats ever since, praying God frantically for rescue; and we arrived just in time to save them. They could not have survived another day." Then the old whaler added, "I don't know whether you believe in religion or not, but I happen to be a Christian. I have begun every day of my life with prayer that God would use me to help someone else, and I am convinced that God, that day, put the idea into my mind to change the course of my ship. That idea was the means of saving fourteen lives."

To those angels in my life, thank you.  I am so glad that we found each other.  Words can not express how blessed I feel to have you in my life.


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