Thursday, March 31, 2011

Biting at the reins...

The past few days have been beautiful.  The temperature has been around 75-80, with nary a cloud in sight.  Naturally, I am in full gardening mode. body does not want to behave.  Last night I got in about five minutes of weeding.  Today, bending over to get a wash cloth locked me up.  I am craving a leisurely shopping trip to Capital Nursery for seedlings and amendments.  I'm also craving the delicious produce that comes later.  The lemon cucumbers, the juicy tomatoes, the sweet bell peppers.  Right now, I'm propped up in bed with an ice pack and even a cocktail of Ativan, Flexeril, and Tramadol isn't making a dent. 

It kills me to see weeds overtaking the flower beds I worked so hard on, but it will have to wait.  If nothing else, God is presenting me with a lesson in how to be patient.  I just need to learn how to be a good student.

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