Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who owns a Rascal? I do.

Last year when things were starting to go down hill and we didn't have a solid diagnosis, we decided to find a mobility scooter for me.  For the past few years I have rented them if we go to places like Disneyland or the state fair, and at $50-$100 per rental, it just didn't make financial sense.  We kept an eye out on craigslist, and found a used scooter in cherry apple red.  

I loved the thing.  However, I noticed that using it, I get even more glares than I do with the scooters in big-box stores.  People act like I stole the scooter from my grandma and decided to be lazy.  Seriously - I have never gotten so many stink-eyes.  

I'd like to fix the scooter up a little since I will probably be using it more.  The front control panel sticker is worn, and I'd really like to make one out of wood veneer.  Breaking out my wood-burning tool would be fun.  It needs some new trim and a little crack fixed, but I'm sure Dad could handle that if I asked.  
Back to the glares.  I decided to show a little of my snarky nature, and add a bumper sticker.  It took me awhile to come up with what I really wanted to say.  Today I did it, and it has been added to my Zazzle store.  Check it out:

Here's what my scooter looks like...except mine came pre-loved.  It is pretty cushy. I just need to get a basket and a drink holder, and maybe one of those shade umbrellas that clip onto the back.  Then I'll be rollin' in style.

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