Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad liver! Bad!

We are currently in a hotel room in Stockton, calling in some room service.  Somehow, we managed to book the same hotel housing the Peace Officers Memorial Ride.  The place is crawling with cops, and they brought a LOT of booze.  Drunk cops should be interesting.  I thought the wind was bad at home.  I'm actually able to stand on tippy toes and lean into the wind.  When I'm stiff, which is pretty much all of the time now, I feel like I am walking in molasses.  This wind makes it feel like I'm stuck in curing cement.

If we hadn't bought tickets for Josh Turner months ago, there is no way I'd consider a road trip after IVIG.  I feel like I took a header off of a horse.  (I've done that...a few times.)  Fortunately, my car is back on the road, and we didn't have to borrow a car for the trip.  I got a little bit of side-eye when I admitted to the doctor's assistant that we were going to a concert tonight.  I promised to stay in bed for the rest of the weekend. 

The second round of blood tests to check my liver function did not yield good news.  My neurologist wants me back in after a few weeks to check my enzyme levels again.  Further IVIG treatment isn't completely out of the picture, and I hope that it stays that way.  I am looking into sub-q delivery, which might be easier on my liver and kidneys.  With sub-q delivery, the dose is split into four treatments given once a week instead of over 2 days.  Because I'm a bit of a freak and neurology hasn't dealt with sub-q IVIG, I'd be sent to Immunology to get that started.  Most IVIG patients have immunodeficiencies.  The neurology department only has a few other patients on IVIG, and go figure, they aren't having any side effects. 

We'll be praying and hoping that my liver can handle the job and get back to normally quickly.  I have seen some improvement, and long term, this is a LOT better for my system than benzos and muscle relaxers. 

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