Saturday, April 30, 2011

Home Again

We're home.  Finally.  Easton Corbin and Josh Turner put on a great show.  The Bob Hope Theater in Stockton is something else.  Once a Fox theater, the inside is grandiose in an old European meets Roman sort of way.  The sound of the music was so warm and rich - even the singers commented on it.  I have seen Josh Turner at Arco Arena and at the Konocti, and the sound in Stockton was a music lover's dream.  The stairs on the other hand...they were a huge challenge.  My legs gave out half way up, and I had to swing my legs up like I was walking on peg legs.  Fortunately, my legs decided to relax during the concert and I made it down the stairs without sliding down on my butt. 

When we booked our hotel, we specifically asked for a nice, quiet room.  We'd be up late and wanted to sleep in.  The failed to tell us about the 7 am benefit for St. Joseph's cancer center.  If you know me, you know that I am all for supporting cancer patients.  After driving around Stockton trying to find a tooth brush at 11:30 at night, and then getting wound down, I wanted to sleep in.  My body needs to rest.  Between my loving husband stealing the blanket all night and the lovely (and LOUD) benefit breakfast right under our window this morning, sleep didn't really happen.   

I'm in bed now, and my bed feels like a cloud at the moment.  My poor body is so tired and sore.  I want to get out and get things done, but I promised to rest, and I will.  Being a little woozy pretty much guarantees that I'm not on my feet for more than a few minutes.  I am praying so hard that my liver will stop taking a vacation.   I have to schedule a follow-up in a few weeks for more testing, and to discuss our options. 

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