Friday, April 22, 2011


Woohoo! After a week and a half of crazy, round-and-round phone calls, I am finally scheduled for IVIG treatment.  We'll be going to the new Mercy building right at Q and business 80.   I like San Juan because it is close, but the Q street location is new and posh.  I won't be premedicated, so I won't be knocked out on benadryl.  (Most infusion centers premedicate.)  I am praying that I have no nasty side effects like migraines, vomiting, diarrhea, or the dreaded immune reaction.  Headaches and fatigue are pretty common, and so is a flu-like feeling for a few days.  The others aren't that common.

I'll be able to sit in a squishy recliner while they pump me full of antibodies for a few hours each day.  They said that if I'd like to get up and walk around, I'm welcome to.  After this round, I am going to get a port if the treatment goes well.  I'd prefer an under-the-skin chest port, but it is up to the doctors. 

I have to send out thanks to God and my wonderful friends and family members that helped me get to this point.  I have been searching for answers for my entire teen and adult life.  I prayed for help in finding a doctor and a correct diagnosis, and I found them.  I can't help but see that as a wonderful blessing.

 Below is the infusion center at Woodland...Midtown should be much the same.

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  1. Said a prayer for you.
    Blessings & Happy Easter!


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