Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beyond tears...

I am so frustrated.  This week has been so confusing and irritating.  Emotionally, I am beyond spent.  We are still going back and forth with the doctor's office, the infusion center, and now for some reason, the oncology department.  I've been told at least five times that my time is blocked out at the infusion center, only for them to call an hour later with some new crisis.  They need to confirm something, then there is an issue with the dosage, then an issue with the scheduling (can they do it every other day?), then a problem with oncology. (Still don't know what their issue was.)  Then they didn't know if they'd have enough medication, and it would have to be special ordered. Could they give me a time estimate on how long it would be to order? Of course not.

They'll talk to Adam, say they'll call back, and then call me when I have no clue what the previous conversation was.  Adam has asked that all calls go through him because at this point, I've had it.  I can talk to my doctor's office without issue, but the others are driving me to tears.  It doesn't matter who it is - they just talk circles around circles, never making sense.  At this point, I'd rather be admitted to the hospital for a few days to get the treatment.  If they don't figure this out soon, I'll be in the hospital from the stress.  


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