Thursday, April 21, 2011

T minus 3.5 days...Part Two

Why is scheduling such a big deal?  The infusion center at San Juan booked our appointment for Monday morning.  Later on, the word was "oops...we can't do that."  The center had openings Monday, but not Tuesday.  They couldn't schedule me next week unless I wanted Wednesday - Friday.  We told them we had a commitment Friday night that we can't get out of, and more importantly, we have to find a baby sitter for the days I am at the infusion center.  I got the feeling that the scheduling lady could care less.  (Also the same lady that almost made me blurt out a long string of expletives by getting me pissed before I had any coffee yesterday.)

After a couple hours of trying to figure it out, I got a call from my doctor's office.  I asked to be sent to the downtown infusion center instead.  I didn't want to risk the chance that the woman we dealt with yesterday would be treating me.  If you can't pull your $%# out of a hat, you don't need to be poking me with needles.  The downtown location blocked out time for us Monday-Wednesday, leaving me some time to recover before the concert.  We are waiting for the referral to be send over in order to schedule the exact time, and that should be taken care of today.

If it weren't Josh Turner, I might have forgotten it.  But it is Josh Turner, and I REALLY need to get away for a little bit.  Even if it is just a day or two.  We haven't just gotten away for a night since we saw Willie Nelson at Ironstone Winery.  We were on a very tight budget for that trip, and this time we can afford a nice hotel and hopefully a nice meal out.

If you are the praying type, please pray that the IVIG treatments help, and that I do not suffer any side effects.  This feels a little like scheduling a c-section and knowing the exact moment your child will be born.  I am relieved, happy, excited, scared, and nervous all at once. 

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