Friday, June 17, 2011

If I had a Million Dollars

Things have pretty much been in stasis where my life has been concerned.  I still haven't figured out what my doctor thinks is so important to discuss that he couldn't note it in my account.  I see him Monday, and hopefully, I can resume treatment Tuesday.  I'm doing okay, and I appreciate the kind words and prayers.  Most of the time I'm okay, and then something brings back the tears.  So, instead of talking more about this, which I'm sure you've read enough of, today is different.  I'd like to play a game of "If I had a million dollars", and I invite you to play along.  Bonus points if you remember the Bare Naked Ladies song by the same name. 

If I had a million dollars:

- I'd buy us a couple of newer cars.  I like my Sonata, but let's face has been some work lately.

- I'd buy a house.  Nothing fancy...big enough to be comfortable and with some land for animals and growing food.  Maybe with a barn and greenhouse if I could.

- I'd buy myself a beautiful horse.  I have an empty spot in my heart for that part of my life, and I miss feeling like I am flying atop a cantering horse.

- I'd buy myself a bigger bed.  I like to stretch out, and we don't have room for anything bigger than a Queen right now.

- I'd tour Europe and visit the places that my ancestors called home.

- I'd have someone make pants for me.  It is a serious pain to find pants, and I don't have the energy to sew them anymore.

- I'd find really good cause to give some of it to.  Or maybe lots to give a little to.  Either way.

So what would you do with a million dollars?

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