Friday, September 9, 2011

back for another round

Today was the second day of three days worth of IVIG infusions.  Yesterday left me with a migraine that fortunately went away with a little sleep.  Little sleep is what I ended up with, though.  I woke at 2:45 and wasn't able to get back to sleep.  I managed to get a bath with the saline lock in place, and headed off to Mercy Midtown. 

Unfortunately, keeping the saline lock in did no good.  As soon as the nurse started flushing the line with saline, my arm began to burn like crazy.  I asked if it was infiltrating, and the nurse said it likely was, and definitely was not returning blood like it should.  She wrapped up my arms in toasty blankets, and let me sit for a few minutes.  The second line went in my right hand...not the ideal placement, but often it is the only place where a vein can be felt.  I had a little brush with wooziness, which is a lovely leftover from being traumatized by so many phlebotomists that just don't listen about where they need to stick me to get blood.  (If I ask you to go for my hand, please don't insist on digging around blinding in my arm with a needle. It hurts.  A lot.)

Adam and Emma were off to Sutter's Fort for her first kindergarten field trip, so I kicked back with some Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley on my iPod.  I really wanted a nap, but the center is too bright, and folks are always coming and going.  Somehow most of the other patients nap...and snore.  One man had napkins on his chest to catch the copious amounts of drool leaking from the corner of this mouth. (He wasn't the patient, either.) 

I knit another little hat, and that seemed to interfere with the infusion pump.  The pump was finicky and kept beeping to alert the nurses of an occlusion.  Actually, it beeped anytime I got up to go to the bathroom, worked on knitting, or sat there doing nothing.  I think it just didn't like me.  I have to wonder what the other patients think when I'm wheeling around my iv pole with two pumps on it.  Do they wonder what the heck brings a pregnant woman to the chemo center?  I know that I definitely look further along than I am, because I keep being asked if I know the sex yet.  (We're still at least two weeks away from that.)

As far as side effects, I am definitely doing better than last time.  No blinding migraines, no vomiting, no severe pain, etc.  I feel exhausted, weak, and flu-like...but it is manageable if I rest and drink plenty of water.  I had to skip my cousin's shower...and I really didn't want to do that.  It probably was a smart idea to just stay in bed and rest, especially since I'm dealing with growing another life this time around.  I have the weekend to rest, and then I get the last infusion for the month.  I am praying that my liver tests come back within the reference range, or at least close to the range.  I'm also praying that this infusion will allow me to cut back on other meds that are more risky to baby and myself.  If you're the praying type, please send up a little prayer for us. 

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