Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day One - Done!

Today was the first of three days of infusions.  We chose to use the infusion center in midtown instead of the infusion center that is only ten minutes.  (For some reason, the closer infusion center insists that I have to pay 90%, but we ended up not having to pay anything last time.)  The nurses at the center are all very sweet, and it is as comfy as it could be.  I kick back in a recliner with a blanket for a few hours, eat my lunch, listen to music, or read a book.

This time around, we decided to switch to a different IVIG formulation.  Instead of Gammagard, I got Gammunex-C.  Gammagard is known to have more side effects, and many that switch to Gammunex find relief from the often horrible side effects.  Last time, I was almost rushed to the hospital for fear of aseptic meningitis.  I also got very sick on the second night and couldn't keep anything down.  My liver did not respond well, either.

I premedicated this time with Tylenol, Benadryl, and a little Prednisone.  When I showed up to for my treatment, my blood pressure was 150/99 and my pulse 130.  Holy cow!  I was nervous as soon as I woke up, since I had no clue how I would react.  The nurse left me for ten minutes to see if it helped, and my blood pressure and pulse started to go down.  Once the Benadryl kicked in, I was calm and my blood pressure and pulse were back within a healthy range.  Because there is a small chance of serious side effects such as anaphylaxis, I get the roomy area right next to the nurses station. 

For whatever reason, the infusion took twice as long as the neurologist's office had told me.  I don't really mind, because a slower infusion usually means less side effects.  Adam and Emma were a little antsy, though.  They walked around the building, played video games, and poked in every hour or so to see how I was doing.  I managed to knit a nice, thick baby hat while I was relaxing.  I tried to read, but I kept reading the same words over and over.  Next time I need to get some "fluff" books that don't require any thinking.  I also flipped through the stash of magazines.  I would have liked to catch a nap, and a few patients were sawing logs.  Too bad I can't sleep unless it is quiet and dark.  :o/

Tomorrow I'm set for another five or so hours of infusion, and Emma and Adam will be off to Sutter's Fort for her field trip.  Wish me luck!

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