Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A boy!

Holy cow! I'm the mother of a little boy now!  I never imagined us having a boy.  With Emma, I was SO sure from the beginning that we were having a girl.  Sure enough, she was.  This time, I didn't have that feeling.  I thought maybe it was a girl, but just didn't have that 100% sure feeling.  With this pregnancy, we realized that I would be far enough along by our wedding anniversary to find out the sex.  It would be our little gift to each other.

To be honest, I have a little disconnected from this pregnancy.  After getting pregnant right after a miscarriage, I have been a little afraid that something would go wrong.  I finally started is feeling like this is a little more real when I felt little rolls, stretches, and kicks.  I knew that the scan would be a good thing for me emotionally.

Adam scheduled the appointment, and surprised me by asking for a 3d scan.  With Emma, I had an anterior placenta.  That means that the placenta is sitting in the front of the uterus, and it often interferes with a 3d ultrasound.  We were hoping that we might get the 3d scan this time.  

Emma has been feeling left out because the OB's office does not allow kids over 6 weeks old.  We decided that we'd do the scan at a private ultrasound office rather than the OB's office for this reason.  Mom met had a break in between teaching classes, so she met us for the ultrasound.  We chose the same business that we went to find out the sex with Emma's pregnancy, and got the same tech.  He has been at it for over 25 years, and he can tell the sex right away.

The tech tried to get a 3d view, but our little baby has been head-down since very early on.  Our 6 and 8 week scans also showed a head-down position.  Unfortunately, because the baby was head-down, there wasn't much amniotic fluid between the baby's face and the uterine wall.  (The uterus is still pear-shaped at this point.)  The 3d view looked something like this, but with slightly scary and cavernous eyes:

There's a chance we might be able to see the baby's face in 3d when we get our anatomy scan in four weeks, but it is never a sure thing.  Instead, we went ahead with the 2d ultrasound.  Our little baby enjoyed the orange juice I had before the scan, and was bouncing around like crazy.  When the tech said "it is a boy," we were a little shocked.  For the adults, it was a happy sort of shocked.  Emma was a little confused, disappointed, but also excited all at once.  The tech showed us a few different angles and explained the difference between how boy and girl parts look on ultrasound.  

Before we left, he measured the baby's head to estimate the age.  Our little boy was measuring 8 days big, or 17w2d instead of 16w1d.  Our family grows big babies without any help from diabetes, so this wasn't much of a surprise.  Only about 24 weeks left until we meet our little guy! Enjoy the video. :)

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