Thursday, September 29, 2011

The colors of the the sky

This week has had the usual challenges.  The stiffness. The rigidity. The walking in wet cement feeling.  The headaches. All in all, this week actually hasn't been so bad.  We saw our little boy dancing around in my womb, and fell madly in love.  The little flutters I felt have turned in to little kicks.  Some of the fear of losing another little one is starting to melt away.  It isn't gone, but the pain isn't so fresh.

Despite her shock at discovering that she was having a brother, she has also fallen madly in love with him.  She has been talking to my belly, and giving me two kisses at night instead of one.  One kiss is plopped on my belly, and rubbed in with her hand.  That kiss, she tells me, is for the baby.  Once this week, she fell asleep with her head against my belly.  She told me that she wanted to cuddle with her brother.  My heart can't help but melt at how precious it all is.

Our sick little silkie is getting better, but slowly.  She has wry neck, a condition that causes their neck to flop over.  In many ways, it is similar to the issues I deal with in regards to my muscles.  If she is startled, she'll lock up and her neck flops to the side.  The episodes are getting shorted and less frequent, though.  She's still getting her vitamins twice a day, and gets to sun herself in front of the window during the day.  I pray that this little one continues to improve.  She's (or possibly he) is such a sweet little thing. (It is difficult to sex silkies before they are about ready to crow or pop out eggs, unfortunately.)

I check in with the nurse practitioner at the neurology office tomorrow.  I'll probably get my Solumedrol injections.  They were approved by the perinatologist, and they do help with these migraines.  Speaking of migraines...they have been constant the past month.  They are getting better, but very slowly.  I can't wait for the injections.  You heard me - I can't wait to have needles in my scalp!  We'll schedule my infusion at that time, as well.  I'll hopefully get the infusion around the second week of October. 

Before the infusion, I get to shoot some maternity pictures for my cousin.  It is an honor and a pleasure to take those pictures for her.  We're trying to decide on a park, and work around the rain next week.  I love the post-processing part of things, and can't wait.  :)

By the way, we saw the most beautiful rainbow in the sky above our backyard this past week. When I can, we take walks to see the sun setting over the fields.  Emma and I talk about what colors God used to paint the sky that night.  It doesn't get much better than that.

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