Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ah, push it!

The past couple weeks have been a little crazy, but when it comes down to it, things are going pretty well.

-We traded our last two Hamburg pullets for a Light Sussex pullet and a Barnevelder pullet.  (Interestingly, we sold Light Bulb to the same man a couple months ago, and recognized him when we got there.)  They were a little younger than I expected at around 10 weeks, and they were pecked pretty badly.  They looked healthy aside from the pecking, so I decided to go ahead with it.  We explained to the breeder that the chicks likely needed more protein and something to keep them busy if they're going to be caged.  Hopefully it will help, but who knows.

Obviously his chickens aren't pets, they're livestock.  I get that, but it really has to be uncomfortable and itchy to get plucked and try to regrow feathers.  We took the chicks home, gave them some probiotics and electrolytes in their water, and coated their naked backs with Rooster Booster Pick No More Lotion.  They perked up and have been singing contentedly ever since.  We've had them for a week, and they are growing back their feathers.  Hopefully they can go outside around the same time as our silkies, which should be in the next couple of weeks.

-I got my neurology appointment taken care of.  I've been putting off the appointment for awhile because I needed my perinatology report.  I saw the doctor's assistant this time, since I can get in next day compared to a two month wait.  She gave me a big hug and congratulated me on the pregnancy.  We went over the report, discussed our options, and she's going to schedule IVIG for this week or next.  We're going to try a different formulation and additional fluids to see if that helps with the side effects.  I am praying that my liver enzymes do not spike like they did last time.  IVIG is the safest option right now for baby and I, even though it isn't the most convenient or comfortable.  I'm also praying that the side effects are not as bad as last time, since the infusion nurses will be less inclined to treat the side effects aggressively.

-My doctors are all on board with a VBAC this time 'round.  If I'm feeling good, there is no reason that I can't try, and I am a good candidate for a VBAC.  Obviously, if I'm spasming and walking like Quasimodo, I realize that I won't be effective at pushing.  Nobody is concerned about macrosomia, either. (Macrosomia is defined as a baby bigger than 8.8 or 9 lbs, depending on the source. Emma was 9.9lbs at 39 weeks.)  I'm tall, I'm not a little thing, and there is no worry that my pelvis is too small.  Fat smushes, anyways.

- Emma's curriculum and supplies have shipped!  We should be getting over 70 lbs of goods this Friday, and then we can jump head first into Kindergarten!  Emma is very excited, and can't wait.  The first field trip is on the 9th at Sutter's Fort, and we're planning on going.  It's been a couple years since she's been, and she'll get more out of it this time.

We also set up a nice little learning area in the garage.  Adam found an old school desk on Craigslist, and we set up bookshelves with Mom's giant book stash.  She's got a rolling container for supplies, and we just need to find space for books and manipulatives.  We probably won't work in there all of the time, but it is nice to have a dedicated area for supplies and quiet time.

-We're going to set up an ultrasound for the end of next month.  Emma has been bummed to not be able to come to the OB appointments with me.  I've already had to ultrasounds, but at the end of September the baby will be developed enough to tell the sex.  We are thinking the baby is a girl, but it'll be nice to know.  I volunteered to not find out this time, but Adam and Emma really want to know. :)

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