Friday, September 2, 2011

13 down, 27 to go

This weekend marks our little gummy bear's 13th week...or 11th if you go off of gestational age.  The little bear feels more like a gold fish that only seems to flutter around if I'm trying to sleep.  I didn't notice flutters with Emma.  She went straight to hard kicks at 14 weeks.  

While we were waiting for Emma's books and materials to arrive, we decided to work on what we could.  She's completed two art lessons, and sailed through an entire math unit in two hours.  I have a feeling that the math is going to be like that, and we may have to move on to something a little more challenging.  When Emma's books finally arrived today, she was squealing like crazy.  The UPS driver let out a chuckle at the sight of her bouncing up and down on the front porch, squealing and yipping and letting out a big "Woohoo!"  

The school sent a LOT of stuff.  Seventy-five pounds or so of books, manipulatives, DVDs, Cd's, art supplies, science supplies, etc.  So far, we're are very pleased with the curriculum.  The program is a little intense when you look at the schedule, but at this rate, it won't be so bad.  Emma gets language arts, phonics, handwriting, and mathematics daily.  Science, history, art, and music are twice a week.  She also is expected to have 120 minutes of physical education a week. We're allowed to work at our own pace, provided that we finish the coursework each trimester.  Emma is loving the combination of computer and hands-on learning.

Next week...well, it is going to be interesting.  Neurology ordered Gammunex for my infusion, but because of the holiday, it won't be in until Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week.  Oncology called to say that they may call for a same day appointment when the medication comes in, and to be prepared.  That leaves me drinking water like a whale.  The more hydrated you are, the less side effects you have.  This time I also requested a bag of fluids to be infused at the same time as the Gammunex, as extra protection.  I'm going to premedicate with Tylenol and Benadryl as other patients have suggested.  

This infusion is a completely different formulation, so I have no clue how I will be feeling.  Last time I had a horrendous migraine the first day, and serious stomach upset the second day.  I also had liver enzymes at twice the reference range.  I've read that Gammunex often has fewer side effects, but it depends on the patient.  I do know that I am likely going to miss the orientation for Emma's school, her first field trip, and possibly a family get-together for one of my favorite people.  I got the side-eye for not resting enough after the last infusion, and I have a feeling I'm going to get the riot act if I don't rest since I'm pregnant this time.  I don't want to miss those moments...but I don't have control over this crummy condition. 

Here's to the best week possible, and may I get a good infusion nurse.  (And my favorite chair in the corner!)

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